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Emma Brittle from Dudley Passed on 3-8-18

Thank you for helping me pass my driving test. 1st class driving instructor who I would recommend. Top bloke. Thank you for everything.

Tom Weaver from Gornal Passed on 19-7-18

Amazing instructor, couldn’t asked for a better person to teach me to drive. Easy to get along with , also very patient and understanding. Thanks again Dave.

Brad Hopson from Dudley Passed on 18-7-18

Dave is a very good driving instructor and I would definitely recommend him, also a very nice person and a good price.

Sam Jones from Sedgley Passed on 13-7-18

I can’t thank your enough for getting me through my test. I will definitely recommend you to everyone. I really appreciate your patience. Thank you.

Gemma Spencer from Sedgley Passed on 9-7-18

Thank you Dave for sticking with me and not letting me give it up ! Wouldn’t have been able to do it without your support. He is very patient and always makes you improve on your mistakes.

Gemma Denner from Sedgley Passed on 4-7-18

Dave is a brilliant instructor. He is patient, explains very thoroughly and is always there to help and answer any questions you have. He is a fantastic person and I will miss our lessons together. Thanks again Dave. :)

Mike Withers from Sedgley Passed on 2-7-18

Dave is friendly, patient and gives thorough teaching. He was incredibly helpful with my test. I enjoyed every lesson and will miss the chats about football.

Mike Coley from Sedgley Passed on 15-6-18

Dave is a brilliant instructor. He is patient, explains very thoroughly and is always on time. He is a fantastic person and I will miss our football chats !! Thanks again.

Josh Green from Dudley Passed on 11-5-18

Lovely guy with such patience and understanding. Relaxed lessons and taught me all I to know in order to pass.

Amber Southerland fom Sedgley Passed on 10-5-18

Thank you again for all your help, you’ve been a fantastic instructor and I have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends :)

Chloe Rollingson from Dudley Passed on 11-4-18

Thank you for all your hard work, help and support in helping me to pass my test. You have been patient and encouraging throughout all of my lessons, I can’t thank you enough.

Sherrie Jones from Dudley Passed on 15-3-18

Dave has been absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Easy to get on with and explains things clearly and with patience . I would recommend him 100% any day to anyone. Thank you again Dave you are a star.

Aaron Costigan from Sedgley Passed on 9-3-18

Dave is an excellent instructor. He is very relaxed and makes you feel comfortable. He is easy to talk to and get along with and he makes lessons fun and enjoyable ! He gives you as many opportunities as possible whilst in the lesson to do things for yourself which enabled me to learn quickly and pass with only one minor ! He is very positive and will bring the best out of your driving abilities :)

Nathan Morris from Sedgley Passed on 17-1-18

Great laugh, great driving instructor, very patient. Would highly recommend. Thanks again for all of your help.

Jodie Owen from Gornal Passed on 12-1-18

Great driving instructor, very patient and makes you feel comfortable. Thank you Dave wouldn’t have done it without you. Would highly recommend.

Gary Cooper from Dudley Passed on 3-1-18

Best instructor I have had by far. Easy to get along with, patient and professional. Passed a lot of my family as well as me and I’m going to miss taking my lessons. Thank you for all your help.

Joe Powell from Dudley Passed on 21-12-17

I can’t thank Dave enough for getting me ready to pass my diving test. Dave is very easy to learn with as he has a lot of patience and makes you feel comfortable throughout the lesson. Dave was very flexible with my work pattern when booking lessons. Dave is an excellent instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Reece Woodall from Sedgley Passed on 22-11-17

Dave is very patient when it comes to new and experienced drivers. He makes you feel comfortable as if he were to be someone you have known for many years. He has great knowledge on how to be a safe driver. He is also an easy going guy.

Paige Butler from Dudley Passed on 23-10-17

Dave is so patient and calming-highly recommended ! Couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you Dave !

Tahi Markland from Gornal Passed on 12-10-17

Ellie Wilkinson from Sedgley Passed on 9-10-17

Dave is an excellent driving instructor who is very patient, good at explaining the manoeuvers and is always encouraging.

Aaron Fletcher from Kingswinford Passed on 6-10-17

Great instructor, knew exactly what I needed to improve on to pass my test.  Lovely friendly guy, would highly recommend.

Jade Hickman from Sedgley Passed on 18-9-17

Excellent instructor, highly recommended. Changed me from someone who hated to learn to drive to someone who now loves it ! Thanks again Dave you are brilliant.

Amy Morris from Bilston Passed on 17-8-17

I would defiantly recommend Dave as a driving instructor. He is patient, friendly and understanding. I’ve had different instructors in the past and Dave is by far the best one ! I would just like to thank you for helping me pass. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Rob Shinton from Sedgley Passed on 11-8-17

Great instructor, very friendly and patient, would recommend to anyone.

Amie Morris from Sedgley Passed on 29-6-17

Thank you for being my Driving Instructor and learning me everything. Really going to miss our lessons and laughs.

Sammie Clulow from Gornal Passed on 12-6-17

Super easy to learn with Dave. Super kind and got me to pass first time. Would more than recommend him.

Ant Gregory from Dudley Passed on 7-6-17

Fantastic driving instructor. Helped me pass first time. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks.

Kyle Mather from Coseley Passed on 8-5-17

A very competent instructor who is fantastic at what he does. Dave gave me thorough feedback to allow me to develop as a driver, this was combined with his easy going personality that made me feel calm at all times . I passed first time and it was all down to the man himself. Thanks buddy !

Sean Flavell from Sedgley Passed on 5-5-17

Darren Morris from Bilston Passed on 4-5-17

Excellent instructor, would highly recommend. Lessons are enjoyable and makes you feel at ease. He is very committed and extremely patient. Once again would highly recommend to anyone !!

Dheep Singh from Dudley Passed on 3-5-17

Dave is a very patient and thorough instructor. He always notified me when I did something wrong and made sure I got it right. I was over the moon to pass first time, all thanks to him and his training. He’s also got a pretty decent taste in music too.

Jason Morris from Bilston Passed on 20-3-17

Leanne Turner from Coseley Passed on 13-3-17

I really had a great experience when learning to drive with Dave, he is an amazing instructor with lots of patience. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking into learning to drive. He puts you at ease when driving and helps you correct your mistakes. He always explains how you can improve and gives you plenty of time to make sure that you are ready for your test. Its been a pleasure to drive with him.

John Fisher from Dudley Passed on 9-3-17

Its been fun learning with you.

Kieran Hodgetts from the Bramford Passed on 23-1-17

Dave is really easy to get along with. The lessons are very enjoyable. Thanks for helping me to pass.

Matt Hassall from Dudley Passed on 6-1-17

I would definitely recommend Dave to anyone who wants to feel relaxed and re-assured at the wheel. Nothing is too much trouble for him. Top quality instructor ! :)

Megan Oseland Passed on 22-12-16

Dave is a fantastic and friendly driving instructor. Lessons are well structured and make full use of the time. Thank you Dave !

Joe Margetts from Dudley Passed on 21-12-16

Thank you for all of the support over the last few months Dave. Your patience in teaching me was just what I needed. :)

Carly Grose from Sedgley Passed on 10-11-16

I found learning to drive with Dave was great. He makes you feel at ease and he is a great driving instructor. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Mike Alldritt from Sedgley Passed on 21-10-16

Dave was a really good instructor, he is funny, easy to get along with and patient. I would definitely recommend him.

Emily Hadley from Dudley Passed on 19-10-16

I would like to say a big thanks to Dave for all his hard work and experience with helping me pass my test. He is really patient  and really friendly and easy to get on with. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn, thanks a lot Dave.

Chris Waring from Dudley Passed on 10-10-16

Dan Lane from Sedgley Passed on 19-8-16

I just want to say a big thanks to Dave on helping me pass my driving test first time. I really appreciate all his hard work on making this possible and I would defiantly recommend him to anyone who wants to start learning to drive.

Stevie Vincent from Kingswinford Passed on 15-8-16

I really had a great time learning with Dave, he is an amazing instructor with a lot of patience and lots of experience. I would easily recommend him to anyone who is looking into learning to drive. Dave is a lovely and friendly guy who will automatically put you at ease when driving. He made sure I was confident and comfortable enough to be able to take my test and pass first time !

Stuart Brittle from Gornal Passed on 29-7-16

I would like to say a big thanks to Dave for helping me pass my Driving Test. He is very committed and extremely  patient instructor. I would definitely recommend Dave to anyone who wants to learn to drive. He is a top bloke. Many Thanks.

Carly Parkes Passed on 20-7-16

Thank you so much Dave you have been great, not only with me but my siblings as well. We all passed first time and I will definitely be recommending you to others. Thanks again Dave a fantastic driving Instructor :)

Lewis Elwell from Coseley Passed on 14-7-16

Can’t thank Dave enough for getting me through my test first time. Great instructor, patient ,reliable and calm. Definitely recommend.

Lucy Wood from Kigswinford Passed on 16-6-16

I definitely recommend Dave, he puts you at ease and is very patient when you make a mistake. He always explains how you can improve and ensures that you are a confident driver before your test. He has helped my confidence so much on the road and its been a pleasure being taught by him.

Shaun Taylor from Blackheath Passed on 9-6-16

I would like to thank Dave for all of his time and effort throughout my entire journey on learning to drive. He is very patient and friendly and I enjoyed every lesson since day one. A great guy and a great instructor. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you :)

Claire Wilson from Sedgley Passed on 2-6-16

By starting off with a previous instructor I didn’t get anywhere, then I went with Dave and it was the best choice I ever made as he made me a confident driver and I knew that he would make sure that I got everything right before I had my test. He is so patient  and he makes you feel at ease. Thanks Dave.

Adam Rowley Passed on 27-5-16

Just like to say a massive thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into me to be able to pass my test. You have great patience and you are very professional. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thank you very much.

Ryan Elwell from Dudley Passed on 26-5-16

He was a great instructor, was calm when ever you made a mistake and always patient.

Ryan Spencer from Lanesfield Passed on 25-5-16

Dave is a brilliant instructor who is very friendly, patient and reliable. Very enjoyable lessons and I highly recommend Dave to anyone.

Jake Bunce from Coseley Passed on 23-5-16

Brilliant instructor, recommend to anyone. Always up for a laugh & always helpful.

Demi Williams from Sedgley Passed on 18-5-16

Adam Malpass from Gornal Passed on 12-5-16

Great instructing, very friendly, would recommend to anyone looking to learn.

Liam Edwards from Sedgley Passed on 5-5-16

Shannon Nethercott from Gornal Passed on 20-4-16

Dave is a committed and extremely patient instructor, he really makes you feel comfortable. This makes driving with Dave a pleasure, he really knows how to boost your confidence and provide thorough constructive criticism. I’d highly recommend Dave as I passed both my theory and practical both first time with no minors. He is the best there is ! Thanks Dave.

Anna Whitehouse  from Gornal Passed on 13-4-16

I came to Dave from a previous instructor. Dave made me feel confident about driving. Every lesson was productive and set to improve your weakness. He is a fantastic instructor that is patient and makes you feel comfortable in the car. I would recommend Dave to anyone thinking about learning to drive :)